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Phoenix Ticker evening of April 21, the first 34 Premier League, Chelsea 2-2 draw away to Liverpool, coming off the bench Sturridge became the game's most dazzling star, a pass for a shot, he with outstanding performance to the old club suffered enough, Rogers also return the trust. It is worth mentioning that the Premier League this season despite Sturridge scored only six goals, but it has to break the Tottenham, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea's goal. The last stage of the race, Stewart Ritchie also not been trampled down Bertrand penalty, Liverpool continued to lead the Chelsea game FIFA 16 player dissatisfaction. After the move from Manchester City to Chelsea Sturridge importance Blues ultimate team has been up and down, not the lack of opportunities in his game also try to enhance their combat effectiveness, but Chelsea Sturridge can not let the stage of stable development , pay attention to the results of the Blues gave up still 'leveling' phase of Sturridge, so the killer removed to Liverpool, England native, though not absolute main, but apparently Sturridge has a broader here stage. Home game against former ultimate team, seeing the ultimate team unassailable opponent's goal, Rogers Sturridge was fielded as a savior, and simmer for 45 minutes Sturridge soon play to their strong momentum, just a play he made use of right breakthrough create a threat, after fut coins the forward pass endo Gerrard tested Cech. Only two minutes later, another Sturridge, he cleverly turned to get rid of Adjara 25 yards shot hit the right side column bounce, Chelsea suddenly in front of paranoia. Finally in the first 52 minutes, Stewart Ritchie change the game situation. Carragher long pass, Downing volley ball, Suarez crossing, get rid of  tower Sturridge small edge of the area Tuishe face former ultimate team goals he did not celebrate his hands under the pressure of Expression his own respect. This is the first six goals Sturridge move came after Liverpool, Liverpool attack allows lifeless look, Sturridge amazing. Azar penalty to Chelsea the lead again, Sturridge then continued his brilliant performances, but failed to score behind the change. Seeing Time is of the past, eager to prove himself in front of the old master Sturridge action big up gradually, the first 87 minutes, Stewart Ritchie pedaling Bertrand, this action is not harsh penalty, Liverpool continue the game, which led to the Chelsea FIFA 16 player dissatisfaction. Both FIFA 16 players together, almost caused a brawl. This is not the end. Six minutes of stoppage time, the time came 6 minutes 30 seconds, Sturridge still not given up the last hope of winning, he did it! Pass, the last threat, Sturridge precise pass found Suarez, who created a small edge of the area headed home, and 2-2! Frozen in time, KOP stands boiling! Sturridge performance in this field, like a number one possessed! Within 45 minutes, his wonderful FIFA 16 football twice changed the situation in the field. Chelsea lost to them in this field Jiujiang, experience the feeling of being anti-Ge. (Mahmoud)

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