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Liverpool striker Suarez outstanding this season, this Uruguayan players believe they have emerged from past negative events. After joining the Red Army, Soares described as troubled. He has been accused of racial discrimination Guard Evra Manchester United last season, because he bit the Chelsea defender Ivanovic FA who were 10-FIFA 16 game suspension penalties. But this season determined to turn over the Uruguayans, and also has excellent performance on the pitch, he is currently leading the league with 23 goals scorer. In an interview with Uruguayan media 890 Sports News Suarez said: 'I am delighted to resolve the matter, and understand a number of things if you do not give the media material, they would uufifa have nothing to say yours I experienced a lot of things. encountered the storm, but I realized I had to concentrate on FIFA football, less other non. '' I have grown up, before doing things, I will try to think more about. Now, England no longer discuss me because I have done nothing wrong. They can only discuss how how I, as a player. '' With age, you will realize that some things, such as one of them is, you learn how to rely on the referee. If you continue to complain , people will pay attention to you so I know what - if you fight less, then you will get better treatment, I believe that the club helped me realize it, but the fans and his ultimate teammates also of great help here. It is very difficult for me, but they helped me out of trouble. '' I have committed career twice wrong, the first time in Ajax, I bite his opponent. The second is I bite Ivanovic. This is my only twice as a player error, I have expressed regret, things like this, the story is over. Evra things are totally false, and I in the absence of evidence was accused of. But this is gone, then I'm sorry, but now I am very happy. '

Sneijder, Manchester United, the two words in the past nearly two years has been pulled together by the media, almost every time the transfer window opens, the major media in Europe will want to buy Manchester United Sneijder broke the news, but each time the thunder, little rain. This season, the worst performance in the league Manchester United midfielder is the main reason for poor scheduling, Moyes has been determined in January to transform the lineup, Sneijder is its ideal goal. 'Daily Mirror newspaper,' said Manchester United has been in contact with Sneijder, Sneijder himself has agreed to join Manchester United, and are willing to take a pay cut 1 million pounds. Taking into account the variability of an oral agreement, the Manchester United fans should not be too excited at the moment, nobody knows when Sneijder in the end will not be airborne at Old Trafford. During the reign of Ferguson, Manchester United midfielder Wizards chase on many occasions, but each time playing with toys. Until retirement, Ferguson failed to sign Sneijder, it has also become a big regret this meritorious coach retirement. But Ferguson is likely to get in this sorry successor David Moyes's hands to make up, 'Mirror' revealed David Moyes has long Sneijder Manchester United executives and conducted negotiations, the negotiations are successful, Manchester United has already succeeded in persuading Sri Lanka Ned defected to Manchester United. Perhaps, fans will question Sneijder to join Manchester United has determined the authenticity, after all, has helped Galatasaray Sneijder reached the Champions League last 16. If in fifaga the winter transfer period, 'rebellion' to Manchester United, Sneijder in the second half is not qualified to represent Manchester United Champions League knockout. This is indeed a factor can not be ignored, but for any player, the World Cup is obviously more important than the Champions League. In the soil over Sneijder hopes to play a bigger stage to express themselves, while Manchester United is now undoubtedly a good choice. Manchester United midfielder Wesley Sneijder is missing from this array has a dominant, if Sneijder really join, it will be subject to reuse, then Sneijder in the World Cup next year will not have to worry about the main location of the Dutch national ultimate team. For Manchester United, it can liberate Rooney Sneijder to join, so that the latter can devote all our energies to attack into. Robin van Persie back injury during Manchester United need Wayne Rooney's goal. 'The Sun' revealed that Sneijder Galatasaray life is not happy, 29 years old, he worried that he could not occupy a place in the World Cup next year. Taking into account the current situation and the Netherlands Sneijder age talented, next year's World Cup in Brazil is likely to be Sneijder's last hope to participate in the World Cup, Sneijder did not want to miss. 'Mirror' revealed to be joining Manchester United in the winter, Sneijder even willing to own the current 4 million to 3 million pounds annual salary cuts, 'Sun' also confirmed the news. From Sneijder himself and Manchester United's athletic considerations, the deal will be a win-win. However, Manchester United and Sneijder now has not officially finalized the contract, Manchester United fans can not be too optimistic, no one can guarantee it will be able to Sneijder to join Manchester United. Of course, in the case of Fellaini not find the state, and the introduction of winter Manchester United midfielder almost a certainty, calmly speaking, if Sneijder really do not come, it will be Manchester United signings Go to the other players who, Dortmund star Royce is also likely to join Manchester United, media rumors Manchester United is expected to grow 30 million pounds of high prices to 'win.'

now even the Madrid media are basically believes that Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has entered the countdown stage time, Real Madrid president Florentino know Mourinho has no intention to stay the Bernabeu next season, but it is not clear in the end is a madman which one would like to go to the wealthy. Comprehensive many related rumors, and Mike Mussina should go the nearest club Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain, Monaco touches madman willing to open a blank check, but it is certainly not to be on the odds. However, according to 'Daily Mail' the latest news, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich but then whether to re-hire Mourinho had doubts, the Russian tycoon seems to be more inclined to let Pellegrini as coach of Chelsea. Not long ago, Abu had personally visited the home of Jose Mourinho broker Mendes, Mourinho and Mendes was also present, three of the talks to determine one thing, namely: Mourinho will not continue to coach Real Madrid. The presence of an equal sign between the madman left the Bernabeu and return to Stamford Bridge? Many British media have such a view, while Chelsea CEO Guer Lei and club president Buck also regard with favor, Blues fans is anxious Mourinho told Chelsea signing tomorrow. However, this pull by the Abu eventually get to shoot, Russia wealthy really would not sign a non-Mourinho? 'Daily Mail' argument is that Abu Mourinho still has some slight skepticism, especially madman to wage demands are too high. Mourinho now at Real Madrid to take the annual salary of 15.3 million euros, pound sterling to count is approximately fifa 15 coins 13 million. Despite previous 'Mirror' had revealed that Mourinho presented to Abu condition £ 12 million annual salary, but this claim has not been confirmed by either party. Relatively more tricky to say that Abu Mourinho willing to open out a three-year contract. Also we have to mention the recent rumors the Spanish side said that if Mourinho back to Chelsea, he will strive to C Ronaldo, Alonso, Khedira brought to Stamford Bridge. Imagine how much money to sign the trio spent? This is what Abu have to go to be considered. Compared with Mourinho, Chelsea coach other candidates for coaching treatment and environmental requirements will not be so high, whether Moyes or Pellegrini, they will not like Mourinho as coach Any ultimate team will get transfer power requirements must be, at most, just like other executives will discuss how people buy selling arrangements, in which two marshal them, Abu Pellegrini is more admired. On the one hand, Pellegrini's contract with Malaga only spent 3.4 million pounds (Note: The 'Sun' argument is £ 3.5 million) to buy out, and his contract expires in June next year This means that large sums of money without having to pry him; on the other hand, Pellegrini for salary requirements are much lower than Mourinho, only 5 million pounds. As for Pellegrini's coaching level, even though Mourinho says he may be less than, but indisputable fact is that he can do to hold in one hand is not beautiful card either Villarreal or Malaga ultimate team made excellent record. Moreover alone emphasize, Pellegrini very low-key personality, but also as a Chilean coach, he speaks English pretty well, which will help to integrate the club Chelsea coach after him. However, now he intends to invite Pellegrini Premiership giants also include Manchester City, this has been confirmed by agent Pellegrini, but the 'Daily Mail' at the same time also revealed on Friday in Europe , on behalf of Chelsea was in Paris with Pellegrini had a meeting, the two sides talked about it? Presumably not difficult to guess.