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Cristiano Ronaldo broke the individual a month goal drought, war in Europe 76 goals tied the history of Raul and Messi tied for first; the past two seasons, Cristiano Ronald Ou crown 23 goals and seven assists, becoming the tournament's double king. NEW YORK, February 19 reports: the Champions League 1/8 final first leg away to Real Madrid, Schalke 04, last year's 1/8 finals, Real Madrid two rounds powerhouse Germany 9-2 bloodbath, but this year DiMatteo led Shuai Buddha Schalke is not the slaughter of the lambs. Real Madrid 2-0 win over Schalke, it is not particularly easy to win. C Ronaldo headed home a month to break the individual goal drought, war in Europe 76 goals tied the history of Raul and Messi tied for first; the second half Cristiano Ronald assists Marcelo broke, the past two seasons, Cristiano Ronald Ou crown 23 goals 7 assists, becoming the tournament's double king. C Ronaldo headed home before guest AufSchalke stadium, Cristiano Ronald exactly one month without scoring. Portugal star last break, or January 18 against Getafe scored twice. January 24 FIFA 16 game against Cordoba, Cristiano Ronald red card was suspended for two FIFA 16 games after a comeback defeat Atletico Madrid 0-4, 2-0 win over Deportivo La Coruna, Cristiano Ronald was no goal. Schalke fans hit humorous slogan: C Ronaldo, if you give me the shirt, I'll help you organize a party! CR7 once quipped after Madrid derby defeat birthday party carnival story. Cristiano Ronald Zhi-breaking drought in Schalke 04 course stopping. The first 26 minutes, Carbajal frontcourt right position left foot pass, Cristiano Ronald throw Matip, a small restricted area before header lob the ball over the goalkeeper overhead network! Cristiano Ronald Dapeng wings iconic celebration, on the sidelines of Ancelotti fist roar, vent cheap fifa coins their frustrations, some recent experience. Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice in the first half a chance, his free-kick straight to the goal corner shot, the 19-year-old Schalke goalkeeper Valence Reuter dived to defuse dangerous situations. 1 meter tall and 85 C-Lo is headed FIFA 16 players, but you may not think that this header, turned out to be C Ronaldo at Real Madrid scored the first header from a Champions League away! Champions League race history, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 73 goals, including 58 FIFA 16 games at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronald scored 58 goals, a standard 1 1 ball field. If you expand the scope of the WWI events, Cristiano Ronaldo is harvested a total of 76 goals (in the Champions League qualifying round of the European Super Cup ball + 2 goals), which makes him and Raul, Messi tied into the top scorer in the history of the war in Europe. Inzaghi 70 balls, 69 balls Gade - Muller, 67 balls Shevchenko, Ruud van Nistelrooy 62 balls, was gradually 'Mero' widen the gap. 'El Pais' said that after the Madrid derby, Cristiano Ronald ready to apologize to the fans, the way is to speak on the pitch. Cristiano Ronaldo has become more conservative up, after a long-range raid passing errors Bell, Cristiano Ronaldxiang Wei Wales winger applause expressed forgiveness. The first 79 minutes Cristiano Ronaldo sent back to friends Marcelo assists, front left, Cristiano Ronaldo after the break double ultimate teams send a cross, Marcelo large restricted line right foot curve ball tag through the upper right corner. C Robben Champions League 3rd single field mass shooting meritorious deeds, the history of Real Madrid in the Champions League 4th overcome Germany away, CR7 course, is the number one hero. 2014-15 La Liga season, Cristiano Ronaldo 28 goals and 10 assists, for a long time occupied the top scorer in the first throne + assists list (now Macy assists list has been beyond), the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo is also double crowned king. OPTA data show that from the 2013-14 season so far, C Ronaldo scored 23 goals in the Champions League, assists seven times, at this time, Cristiano Ronald is the shooter + assists double Champions League first! Macy's 2013-14 season in the Champions League eight goals, 0 assists, eight goals this season in the Champions League, two assists, a total of 16 goals and two assists last season, the Champions League in assists Dimaliya, Rooney, are not in the Champions League this season, he can play. In addition, Cristiano Ronald also set another record: last 14 Champions League appearances, Cristiano Ronaldo got 14 wins, became the largest in the history of the Champions League winning streak FIFA 16 player.

addition to Douglas and Vermaelen injured, the other 20 FIFA 16 players Barca collective soldiers made Manchester. When  law enforcement, Barcelona kicked out of two FIFA 16 games last season, 1 to 1 draw. NEW YORK, February 23 reports: Beijing Wednesday morning, Barcelona will be away against Manchester City in the Champions League 1/8 final first round. Barcelona official announced the 20-man squad, in addition to Douglas and Vermaelen recuperate outside, Enrique bring all the other FIFA 16 players. Barcelona currently only two wounded, Douglas and Vermaelen was left in Barcelona. Unsuccessful squad at the weekend league , Montoya and Sergio - Roberto, all travel with the ultimate team the United Kingdom. Last weekend the league was put on ice Harvey, likely will play Manchester cheap fifa coins core identity. On Monday morning, the Barcelona ultimate team will fly to the United Kingdom. 19 o'clock at night when Enrique will join press conference with Pique, then Barcelona will be training in Manchester Etihad Stadium. UEFA also announced a law enforcement campaign coach candidate, the German lawyer Bu Lvxi will be the referee. For Barcelona, the Bu Lvxi what did not bring good luck. On the season, the two law enforcement Bu Lvxi Barcelona match, Barca eventually opponents and kicked into 1 to 1. In the group stage, a 1-1 draw away to Barcelona, AC Milan. In the quarter-finals first round, Barcelona home 1-1 draw at Atletico Madrid, which planted a hidden danger for Barcelona out. Barcelona 20 man squad Goalkeepers: Te Shite root, Bravo, : Montoya, Alves, Pique, Mathieu, Mascherano, Alba, midfielder Adriano : Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Rakitic, Rafinha, Sergio - Roberto Forwards: Pedro, Messi, Suarez, Neymar