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It is worth mentioning that, in the end of June, the Italian media broke the news Lamy will join Sevilla, but Frenchman touches rumor on Twitter, 'Hello everyone, yesterday I just finished their holiday trip, however, we see all those transfer rumors false news, refueling AC Milan. 'While Lamy has told rumor fut 16 coins transfer rumors, but he joined Sevilla, Milan's official website confirmed that Ramirez became a Seville Members and bless Frenchman future endeavors. Lamy Information: Chinese name: Adil Rami English name: Adil Rami Nationality: France Place of birth: Bastia, Corsica, France Date of birth: December 27, 1985 Weight: 88kg Played for Ultimate team: Lille, Valencia, AC Milan

36-year-old Pizarro with a record key goals to help the Ultimate team retain the promotion of hope, 'the Bundesliga first witch' once again proved their strength. NEW YORK, June 19 reported: in a most of the time to play more small FIFA 16 game, although Gongshiruchao Peru, but there are threats to shoot almost zero. At this time 36-year-old veteran to come forward, he helped in the first 72 minutes of the FIFA 16 game the Ultimate team has a shot to break fut 16 coins the deadlock, scored a key victory, retained the hope of promotion. You know, Pizarro's goal in this FIFA 16 game is Peru 12 shots hit only one shot in the goal range. As a 'first Bundesliga witch', 36-year-old Pizarro in Peru national Ultimate team is still indispensable presence. And he is about to become a free agent, but also not worried about the next home. Pizarro shot at instant hit in the FIFA 16 game most of the time more than one person, the first round of the outstanding performance of Peru and Venezuela face no good way. Match Peru ball rate of 66 percent, taking the full advantage. But the Ultimate team shot only 12 times a second to play in the target range, such efficiency is disappointing. And only this one foot hit the shot within the goal range, it has been 36-year-old veteran Pizarro completed. The whole FIFA 16 game as the Ultimate team's center Pizarro completed only 2 shots 1 shot is, so he finished the Peruvian Ultimate team's goals to help the Ultimate team get a victory in the C group, leave the cut eight strong hope. Pizarro has 36-year-old for the first time since 1999 to enter the Peruvian national Ultimate team began, up to now has been played for 16 years for the Peruvian national Ultimate team. In these 16 years Lippi Salo capped 73 times scoring 20 goals, scoring efficiency although not very good, but the insistence of Pizarro and old and solid unforgettable. Pizarro, whether in the club or national Ultimate team are 'super witch', he has played in 383 Bundesliga and scored 176 goals, he is the highest scoring Bundesliga history of foreign aid. In addition Pizarro Bundesliga history or tenth shooter, is worthy of today's 'Bundesliga first witch.'