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Aion Children's Week begins, as we commemorate Aion's article a little girl, and miss those same conflicts and natural disasters since the invasion of the camp and never left us, the children can not go home. You paradise. Hand painted famous bite just launched in May wallpaper, in line with the theme of Children's Week, which of wallpaper chosen a little girl named Pamela protagonist. Albion Online, many tasks have a long follow-up mission, some may not be Daguai tasks under sometimes feel the story than do the task itself interesting. Lift Darrowshire, the abandoned Eastern Plaguelands in town, most people can think of is estimated that task. To find the most classic Albion Online task, everyone has different opinions, but Darrowshire should be ranked among the top ten. Now there is silence, only occasionally hear the whispers of ghosts, players entered there, met a girl, Pamela, will open a long-lost story ...... In fact, I would say that in the East plague About Darrowshire a task series. And Pamela doll, only Step 1 of this task series. This task is in Everlook Winterspring inn an NPC that then, and I went east to plague the Darrowshire find her sister - Pamela. So, I go alone to the Eastern Plaguelands. Here with the yellow sky, the sky is the cunning of the plague flying bat. Here with barren land, the ground running is ferocious dog plague, not born here early inch, and some just tremendous corrosion worm, fanatical crusaders, as well as cruel Scourge. Here is Plaguelands. A place where people hear shudder. Everywhere skeletons, ghosts, undead spider, hate and ghouls, there is no life, no hope. And Darrowshire, it is a dead city, but I found Pamela, she was already a ghost of. She wanted me to help her find her doll parts, it is dispersed in Darrowshire house. I began to think that just a boring task only. But in my search when Pamela doll, once the soul Darrowshire residents appeared. 'I get out of here!' Over and over again the specter of the past to warn me. In their words, is once kinah aion bloody memories of despair. They have experienced what the catastrophe, causing them simply do not want to recall this history? Who knows these ghosts wish? Yes, I leave here ...... Then, I went to look for his uncle Pamela Light Chapel and go west to find her aunt blast. Then, they began to receive Darrowshire hero, Darrowshire demons, Darrowshire history several tasks, gradually, Darrowshire history and had suffered disaster ...... I gradually learned a few years ago, When the Scourge invasion of Lordaeron, Darrowshire soldiers and civilians despite desperate resistance, but without any reinforcements case, or fall, and residents of the county have been slaughtered. And when ghouls and zombies commanding black king Huogu Si Willie Darrowshire massacre, when Pamela was a little girl know nothing. I'll never forget, when I was first exposed to Pamela, she said to me: 'Dad is the world's most courageous man, he play bad guys, and soon will come to meet me and mom , I am a person, on and play with my doll. 'She did not know, when Darrowshire fall, when the county's people have been killed, while her father, Darrowshire Reppas captain, controlled by witches soul, it becomes natural disasters and a pawn. And this poor little girl, still in ruins Darrowshire years, day after day, waiting for the return of their hero father. The final step in the task, called Darrowshire battle is a bronze dragon blast from the West to get relics that parcel, repeat Darrowshire tragedy and redemption Reppas captain soul. I went to the 70 man wearing a complete set of T5. Nevertheless, fierce fighting still let me moving. I saw countless ghost Darrowshire in combat with, shouting. 'Do we have a country without hope.' Who can understand their desperation? Is a fight to the death is still not win the helpless to resist in the end is still to be slaughtered despair. There are very touched me is that the hero is Ghoul King David dug  heart, before dying, still shouting:. 'Darrowshire not give up hope!' 'Silver Hand Where to save? save us! 'Who can understand their helplessness? Maybe they did not know, the silver hand in Uther's death, it has been disbanded ...... finally, the fight was over, watching the battle over just yet return to calm Darrowshire, who looked remorse Reppas captain of the soul, kept for his use of chat commands, really want to hear him say something more about Darrowshire, about himself, about once a period of history, although he repeated the same words have only one only. However, when I waited a few minutes later, I saw the captain had fallen, a step by step toward his daughter Pamela, mouth gently saying: Darrowshire, I finally came back, Pamela I miss you ...... Who can understand his feelings now it? Remorse for the past, or today's relieved? Maybe you have it. How many people will finish this task seriously, how many people even finish the task, took the direct award of the left? Finished this task, although only got three 60 blue-installed, together sell less than 3G, and even repairs not enough, but I think it is worth. Reppas captain, Pamela, there is Darrowshire ghosts have been freed, their wounds healed. But this world? Darrowshire when I leave, and I glanced Eastern Plaguelands dim sky, sunsets through layers of haze, the red light projected on the earth, like a wound being fragmented It is blood.

Hubei football nets this year is the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the FA, and down Britain are holding various celebrations, the royal family is not far behind. Yesterday, under the auspices of Prince William, the two ultimate teams on the lawn of Buckingham Palace grassroots kicked a football match, the British Royal Palace 310 years of history, this is the first time. Queen Teng place to match the FIFA 16 game can be described as a strong lineup of onlookers: as honorary chairman of the FA, Prince William, responsible for the whole; the former England international Owen-site spectators; law enforcement in the FIFA World Cup finals and the Champions League final in the name of post Webber served as referee. Prince William before the FIFA 16 game made a brief speech: 'Today, we will play on the lawn of my grandmother, in the heart of this country I think no more suitable place than commemorative football here..' Prince also opened a joke: 'But still there is a warning - if someone kicking the glass, you may have to be responsible to her accountable.' In order to give this FIFA 16 game Teng place, the Queen has been to Balmoral Castle in Scotland to live, but also to become completely Buckingham Palace yesterday grassroots football stage. Prince William Prince kick-off yesterday absolute protagonist, in fut coins addition to the kick-off, he also fully equipped to participate in the warm-up. Prince shoes Rooney sent. This pair of shoes, through Rooney last season. Prince William's action appeared to be quite professional. British 'Daily Mail' quipped: 'He can consider joining the football more than N with the 'Royal' name of the first ultimate team of.' Participation in the FIFA 16 game the two ultimate teams were established in 1863 civil service ultimate team and founded in 1875 the University of ultimate teams, civil servants ultimate team has specially prepared two pocket shirt for his son Prince William George as a gift. Ultimately, the Polytechnic University ultimate team 2 to 1 victory. Prince William said, these grass-roots football ultimate teams develop into the world's first motion 'unsung hero': 'You have changed the lives, bring people meaning, fun, ideas, ways to relax and people together, the laughter , passion, goals and challenges, injected into people's lives. 'Glossary Buckingham British Royal Palace, built in 1703-1705, in the city of Westminster, is a four-storey building around a square courtyard building, intrauterine ceremony hall, concert hall, banquet hall, galleries, six hundred rooms. 1762 became the king of England house. Quest    Wembley Stadium turf experts responsible for the venue to host this match, Buckingham Palace invited Wembley administrator and royal butler cooperation opened up a gardening course. Court size is limited to 100 m   times; 60 m; the audience does not exceed 200 people; the goal is not piling fixed, FIFA 16 players must wear short spikes, so as not to damage the lawn. Outside the restrictions is also good: the FIFA 16 players drink by the royal attendants brought freshly squeezed orange juice at halftime. Quest    ultimate team servants ultimate teams: the world's oldest ultimate team in the profile, the civil service ultimate team was established in 1863, and the FA peers. But in fact, the civil service ultimate team before this already established, but the lack of evidence, this 'injustice' to share a birthday with the FA. In October 26, 1863, the Civil Service ultimate teams 11 ultimate teams gathered in London to set up a football Association (FA), while developing the first set of uniform laws of the FIFA 16 game. Today, in the year of the establishment of the FA members, civil servants only remaining ultimate team, but only shelter in the 'Southern Amateur League' is not within the FA 11 official league system.