Men Health issues and solution


Date & time Aug 3 '17, 09:00
Event ends Dec 31 '19, 12:30
Houston, TX
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The title of this Event is “Men health issues and solution”. The main motto of this event is, to know more solution for the men health issues and also make awareness about lots of health issues problem. Because the healthiest life is the only way to live a happiest life. We could not buy happiness using the money. Money is not only the resource for live a happy life. So our health care team focuses in men health issues. I want to explain little men health issues things in this event page.

Heart Problem

Heart is the most prominent organ in our body and working without take any rest until we die. But today most of the men are suffering with heart problem compare to women. Several men are not well known about the symptoms of the heart problem and procedure to overcome this problem. Taking the right prevention steps is gives a good health results in men life.

Impotence problem

Men are playing a more important role during the relationship hours. But today situation makes more depression and stress due to suffering with this impotence problem. This impotence problem is also called as erectile dysfunction. Few men are using medicine such as generic Viagra, Tadalis, Levitra, super p force for getting relief from this problem. Natural remedy is also available to get relief from this problem.

Bad habit addiction

Bad habits addiction is killing the men life slowly. Every year millions of people lost their life due to smoking cigarettes habits. In that millions most them are men. Smoking cigarettes is not only kill the men life, but also drinking alcohol, drugs addiction also give free pass for men to go grave. Many men are not worried about their addiction. Few men are getting relief after attend the rehabilitation center.


Depression is the dangerous and also the silent killer. It suddenly closes the chapter of the particular person. Yes, many men are suffering with this problem. Most of them are suffered with minor depression. But few of them are suffering with major depression. There is a lot of reason behind the major depression, like heavy workforce, family problem and failures.


Diabetes also one of the worst disease affects men health, but it also the women. Lots of men are loss their normal diet system. Few of them are kidneys failure due to this problem. Some of them are suffering with stroke problem. It can also affects the other parts functions like hearts, liver and brain in men body.



These are the health issues mainly suffering within their life. HIV, Cancer disease also comes into this list. Our main motto is spreading awareness and shows the right solution for men. I hope this event is useful to all the men. We arranged this event monthly twice until 31-Dec-2019. So don’t forget to attend this event.

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