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zhangxiaosan Aug 12 '17

body. Broken glass after a big bump, must please repair professionals. 4, to eradicate the original wood appearance stains (such as fingerprints), can be wet breathe, scrub with a soft cloth, hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface. Stain is too heavy, you can use neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agent, clean immediately after decontamination. 5, in the eradication of the original wooden

door on the dust, vacuum cleaner can be used to eradicate. The edge of the original wooden door, do not often conflict, to prevent the formation of edge materials, fade damage.     6, in order to adhere to the original wooden door appearance, gloss and service life, should be cleaned regularly, dust removal, wooden decorative products can be used for maintenance of liquid maintenance of the

appearance. 7, spring and winter should adhere to the indoor ventilation is good, the original wooden doors in the normal temperature and humidity environment, prevent the original wood due to humidity, the temperature difference is too large and the deformation of metal parts to prevent rust, edge, decorative materials fall. stayWooden door is a common home improvement materials, we use in the process of how to maintain the season, maintenance methods are different. Small house for the summer and winter of the two seasons to introduce door maintenance skills.     one, winter wood door

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