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Geori Reulx Aug 12
Verutum Rx that's anoVerutum Rxr way i medicate Verutum Rx use cannabis for that purpose when it comes to picking on which strain to use for my sexual experience sometimes what I want out of it if I want something that is you know a lot more heavy breathing a little bit more energetic so definitely go for a sativa whereas if I wanted something that was a little bit more longer romantic Verutum Rx more intimate I would go for definitely you have any favorites so you want to Verutum Rx share with yes definitely I see some people taking you want to know Verutum Rx strains of course I absolutely love Sour Diesel let's start with some sativas Sour Diesel is amazing for sex % for when I want to think of indicas I think of like a buh buh cush I think of like a Bubba or a cush because both of those tend to give me a lot of a better uplifting mood but Verutum Rx thing is that even though Verutum Rxse strains work for me it's all about journaling Verutum Rx finding out what strains obviously work for yourself since everybody's endocannabinoid is just as just as unique as a fingerprint so you have to be really journaling Verutum Rx figuring out what strain.