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Aside from the intricate fantasy Game Of Thrones, wholesale halloween costumes

Costume designer Janie Bryant is to thank for wholesale halloween costumes much of the show's celebrated style, and more recently she contributed her flair for vintage fashion to the Amazon original series, The Last Tycoon. The costumes worn by the characters in both series are as consequential and deliberate as what they say, and in Mad Men's case, the subject of almost as much conversation. Bryant tells Bustle that what you didn't notice about Mad Men's costumes still contributed to the overall impact of the show's design. And that goes for every job she does.

"The wholesale swimwear thing is, with costume design and how I really love to work, is that every single piece has a reason," Bryant says over the phone, between fittings. "And even if the audience doesn't pick up on it, I'll know it's there."

There's so much swimwear manufacturers more to a position like this than fitting actors in era-appropriate clothing. Bryant's work is story-driven, and perhaps, not every aspect of it is obvious. But she likes to maintain a little bit of mystery. "I think a lot of times, [the detail] is just subliminal, and in that way, the message comes across," she explains. "Maybe the audience doesn't have to know, exactly."

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